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Heel Pain Socks

  Despite their name Heel Pain socks are very much an orthotic device used to treat Heel Pain. The sock is used to keep the foot flexed while sleeping. This type of flexion provides a continuous stretching of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon, which in turn reduces heel pain, especially the acute discomfort often [...]


Morning Heel Pain

  This is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to foot pain:   “For the last few weeks I’ve been getting out of bed with serious foot pain. The first five or six steps that I take are excruciating. What is going on?”   One of the most prominent and recognizable symptoms [...]


Treatment of Heel Pain

Chronic heel pain is a difficult condition to live with but there are many non-invasive treatment options that can help reduce discomfort: Rest: If you are experiencing heel pain it’s important that you cease current activities and rest. It may be difficult to abstain from your favourite activities but this is an important step in [...]

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Do you Have Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis?

    An Overview of Plantar Fasciitis   When you break down the etymology of plantar fasciitis it literally means “underside of the foot, tissue inflammation”, and this is the literal medical definition of the condition as well. The words plantar fasciitis indicate a precise condition of the plantar fascia and nothing more. Plantar fasciitis [...]

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