Curing Heel Pain By Icing

It is common to use icing for curing heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Heel pain is normally due to too much foot activity, like exercise, standing for long periods of time or an inactive lifestyle which result in tears or strain in the ligament of the plantar fascia. Although icing to the plantar fascia can lead to swelling or pain, it ultimately promotes faster healing of the ligament too. Keep on reading for the best method in icing plantar fascia.

The first step is by filling a ziploc bag with cubed or crushed ice, this is the most popular and conventional icing method. The bag can be filled with a little water to shape the ice to contours of your foot.

An alternative is using a frozen food bag. There are also several gel packs which can be frozen or heated. The gel pack can be put in the freezer when the packs warm up.

Another alternative is keeping water within Styrofoam cups within the freezer. The ice can be released by peeling away the cup top. You can then massage the block of ice over the foot using spherical movement. Yet, make sure to avoid frostbite on skin by putting a layer to protect direct contact between the ice and skin. Tea towels or paper towels are the best protectors. Frostbite is a feeling on the skin akin to pinching or having pins and needles. Usually, the skin will warm up after half an hour after icing – if this is not the case, contact your doctor immediately.

The most opportune time to use an icing method is when the plantar fascia first gets strained or flares up- for example, when standing for long periods of time, exercising too much. It is best to use icing within an hour and a half after the activity and two days after the initial effect of icing is diminished.

It is important to keep the ice in circular movement; human skin is not meant to be exposed to extreme cold. Keeping feet elevated and having protection layers between the ice and skin can avoid inflammation. Do not apply ice for more than twenty minutes as there is a risk of frostbite. However, you may repeat the icing method after forty minutes of warming up the skin.

Combining icing with rolling exercises to treat plantar fascia is an extremely effective method. Put some water plastic bottles within the freezer until they are frozen. Place them under the foot arch and roll the bottle under the foot back and forth, from toes to heel.

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