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Despite their name Heel Pain socks are very much an orthotic device used to treat Heel Pain. The sock is used to keep the foot flexed while sleeping. This type of flexion provides a continuous stretching of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon, which in turn reduces heel pain, especially the acute discomfort often experienced first thing in the morning.

What Causes Heel Pain?

Heel Pain often occurs when there is tightness and irritation of the plantar fascia, which is the connective tissue found in the arch of the foot. The arch of the foot functions as a shock absorber during weight bearing activities such as walking and running, and it is constantly flexing and stretching. When the plantar ligament becomes overly tight tiny fissures can develop at the point where the ligament connects to the heel bone, which results in inflammation. It is this inflammation that causes so much discomfort in the heel and foot. People suffering from Heel Pain often have a shortened Achilles tendon and tight or inflexible calf muscles as well.

How Do Heel Pain Socks Work?

As previously mentioned, the socks work by gently stretching the ligaments and tendons of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. While it’s extremely beneficial to wear it at night while sleeping or resting it can be worn at any point the day as long as you are immobile. It is not recommended for use with weight bearing activities.

How Do Heel Pain Socks Work?

Heel Pain socks look like regular socks and are worn like regular socks. The most notable difference is that PF socks are made from a stretchy and somewhat constrictive material and have an adjustable band that gets fitted around you calf with a ring attachment at the front. The toe of the sock has a strap attached to it, and this strap passes through the ring in order to hold your foot at 90 degree flexion to your shin.

Some socks are also made from special thermal fabrics that increase blood flow to injured areas, which is beneficial for recovery. They also warm the muscles and ligaments, both of which promote healing and reduce discomfort.

How Do I Choose the Right Sock for Me?

There are several different makes of sock that you can try; it really is a matter of finding the one that you are most comfortable with. Your specialist may also recommend a specific brand or style your particular case. You can also browse online and review your options.

Tip: Look for a sock that is easily washable and flexible yet supportive.

Are PF Socks My Only Option?

While Heel Pain socks are a popular option they are only one of many effective orthotic devices used to treat Heel Pain. Another common device that is also worn while resting is the night splint, which is a rigid orthosis used to maintain the same flexed position of the foot while you sleep. Many people find the sock preferable to the brace because it is softer and more flexible, and therefore easier to sleep in; many people experience sleep issues when wearing a splint to bed, so the sock is a great alternative.


While Heel Pain socks are designed to reduce symptoms and help realign the foot they should not be viewed as a singular cure to this affliction. In the short term they are very effective for pain relief and reduced inflammation but if used for long periods of time they can weaken the muscles of the foot and ankle, thereby creating different problems.

It is best to use Heel Pain socks to treat morning heel pain when symptoms first develop, but it’s equally important to devise a treatment plan that incorporates other approaches. The best option for treating Heel Pain is to create a multi-faceted treatment plan that does not rely exclusively on one approach.

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